03 May 2011

I really need a new router...

I can't stand not being able to take pictures and upload them to share with you all. I love and hate technology at the same time.  Ha!

I was bored out of my mind earlier today while waiting for something from one of my customers, so I was flipping through the pictures on my phone and found two worthy of posting here on my bliggity blog, because I just think they're so daggone cool.

This picture is of the Wanamaker Building in Center City Philadelphia.  This building hosts the largest playing pipe organ in the world!  Wanamaker's has changed hands a few times over the past 10 years or so, and is now Macy*s.  The ladies in my family go down every Christmas to see the light show -- we all know it by heart :-) -- and to do a little shopping while we're there.  During the Christmas season, the organ's pipes are covered by the Christmas Light Show Spectacular (I think that's what they call it) during the season, and when it's all taken down, this is the view you get while inside the center of the store.  (I will most definitely post pictures of the Christmas show when it's that most wonderful time of the year :-))

How amazing is this?!  And to think it's inside one of the buildings downtown.  Incredible.  If you click here, you can see information about Friends of the Wanamaker Organ, and even purchase CDs if you like orchestral pieces written around organs. (I am in no way affiliated with the Friends of the Wanamaker Organ, I just figured I'd post their site in case any of you are interested in learning more about this incredible instrument.)

There is so much incredible architecture in Philly, it's hard to capture it all while you're strolling the streets.  I particularly love Old City, so next time I'll have to remember to bring my trusty camera and take shots for all of you to see.  I actually took this picture when I was in the city for the grand opening of Paper Source's Walnut Street store, at which I won one of the hourly drawings!

This next picture was taken in Durango, Colorado.  I went on a trip to take a ride on the narrow gauge railway which runs from Durango to Silverton in Colorado.  It was AWESOME.  I did it in the winter, so they only do half the trip (which still takes around 6 hours round trip) since the fear of avalanche is too great.  I'll pass on avalanches, thankyouverymuch, so I was appreciative of their cautionary measures.  Apparently, the summer tour which goes all the way up to Silverton before it turns around, is equally as amazing.  The views are absolutely breathtaking as you go along the Animas River.  One of the conductors pointed out the old telegraph wires which still run along the mountains alongside the train tracks.  I guess it's too remote to even bother taking down the wires!!

I took this picture when the train was stopped to turn us around to head back to Durango.  How cool is this!!!  I highly recommend taking this train ride, and if you'd like more info about it, click here.  (Again, I have no affiliation with Durango Train, I just had such a great experience, I want you all to experience it, too!)

That's all I have for today.  I'm hoping I can either get some stitching in or a few thank you cards made. 

Oh!!  Before I forget!!  Today is "Slightly Indulgent Tuesday" over at one of my favorite foodie blogs, Simply Sugar and Gluten Free, so hop on over there and download some super tasty recipes!

Do something creative today!!!


Catherine said...

Very cool pics! My middle guy loves the train!

Lee said...

I've just found your blog thru Catherine's link. YAY! Another Philly girl! I have so many fond memories of Wanamaker's. My grandmother worked in the lamp department and she'd take us to lunch and to visit Santa every Christmas season. It was magical!

Love your stitching! Your work on the CEC seasonal series is wonderful.