22 August 2011

Let's change it up a bit...

Hello everyone!

As my computer issues continue, so do my blogging issues with Blogger.  So, after much thought, I decided to move my blog to another site.  It's the same name, just a different location -- I'm over at Typepad now.

So, for those of you who have the blogger blog roll, to add my new location, follow these steps:

1) Under your blog roll, there is a button that says "Add".  Click this button.
2) When the pop-up window appears, click the radio button that allows you to add a blog by typing in the http address.
3) In this spot, type http://www.awholelottalatte.typepad.com/
4) Click through, whether you'd like to follow publicly or anonymously.
5) You're done!

I do hope you all will come over to my new site and continue to follow the crazy rantings of this wacky stitcher!!  I love all of your comments, and find so much inspiration through all of your blogs.  I hope this new site allows me to do more things, and I do hope to be able to comment more on all of your sites as soon as I can get my home computer situation resolved.  I don't have much of anything posted over there yet, so  you'll have to bear with me.  I took pictures last night of the Little House ornaments that I finished this weekend, so I hope to have them up asap.

So, come on over to my new site, and let's keep on stitching!!

15 August 2011

Back in the saddle.

Good morning, peeps!  I'm finally back to the grind...my trip was uneventful...unless you count the three (3) hours (yes, hours) I was parked on the runway, engines off, waiting for thunderstorms to pass Philly so I could takeoff for O'Hare airport last Tuesday.  That was less than amusing...especially since someone decided it was appropriate for a small child to possess a harmonica for this claustrophobic wait for storms to pass. 

Parents -- a word to the wise:  there is a time and a place for a harmonica.  It is in a cowboy's pocket, for when he's reminiscing about the days of ol', while he's crowded around a campfire with his cowboy buddies and they're bedding down for the night after rounding up cattle.  The year is also 1875.  Note the time and place is not in a child's hand when you're stuck on a plane parked on the runway for 3 hours with nowhere to go, nor is it present day. 

There were almost casualties.  That's all I'm sayin'....

Onto more fun things :-)

My computer is still being ridiculous, and will now only let me type anything with out the letter "w".  Don't ask.  So, I will sporadically be posting when I can get a free moment at work.

I've had some serious papercrafting fun in my craft room lately (along with stitching...fear not, pics of my latest stitching endeavors will appear soon), and the latest is this little ditty I whipped up this past weekend:

This is for my sister -- she's getting married in June, 2012, and I thought this would be a fun little addition to one of her tables for a picture of her and Sean.

I got an unfinished wood frame from Michael's for $1.00 (yes, $1.00), and painted it black.  Then, I got open stock scrapbook paper, and cut it to fit the frame, then glued it to the frame.  I used a patterned black one for the bottom half, then two separate pinks for the top.  Then...I got out my Cricut Expression machine (yep -- I caved and got one.  I got a refurbed machine which was GOBS AND GOBS cheaper than getting a brand spinkity spankity new machine, and it still came with two cartridges!  All that OT at work paid off!) and cut out the letters for "LOVE" and also the pink flower.  I used flower adornments from K & Company (found at Michael's, Joann, & AC Moore, and I'm sure other places) and a lil' black brad for the top of the pink flower.  Mosaic pieces with adhesive back are the little squares on the pink strip.  Ribbon and satin cording are glued to hide the paper seams.

That's it for today, my friends!  I'll post my stitching accomplishments hopefully by the end of the week.  I'm planning on doing some framing tonight, then some sewing tomorrow night -- I have all the fabric to make a needlebook, and now I just gotta get to it!

Have a fabulous day, and do something creative to brighten up this rainy, dreary day!

08 August 2011

Houston, we have a problem...

Oh, faithful followers....I think that time may have finally arrived.  That time where I have to bite the bullet and get a new computer.  This weekend, after I got home from a week at the shore, I restarted my computer only to find a black screen of death.  Some of you may be familiar with the blue screen of death (this is the story of my life at work -- I'm on a first name basis with the help desk.  They may actually have to draw straws to decide who has to deal with my crazy computer explosions this go-around...but I digress...), but the black screen of death doesn't appear to be as threatening.  All it told me was that my keyboard wasn't connected/attached/recognized/up-to-date with the latest fashions/whatever.  Then it tells me to hit F1 to continue. 

Are you following this??  My black screen of death told me that my keyboard isn't working, yet it instructs me to hit F1.

Figuring I have nothing to lose, I hit F1.  Sure enough, my computer continues starting up.

Freaking technology.

So, my computer starts up, and I start perusing some blog posts, and get ready to post a comment on one of them.  But, alas, my keyboard, just as the black screen of death told me, does not work.  Yet, the function keys work (e.g. F1). 


Needless to say, I'm having a tough time getting new posts onto my site.  I will be away again for the rest of the week, so please bear with me as I try and get new pictures and updates posted.

Also, a very warm welcome to all my new followers!  I hope you can find inspiration in these many crazy rantings that I have here ;-)  I apologize for not acknowledging you all as you become faithful followers, but rest assured I'm truly touched that you all find some inspiration here.  I love being able to share my love of counted cross stitch, and hope that I can share that love and passion through this media outlet.  I know I've found many ideas and inspiration for so many things through crafting/stitching blogs, and I'm thankful for all these fabulously creative people out there who are willing to share their knowledge and inspiration. 

I'm off -- I have a long day in the office ahead of me (I had 200 new emails from being out only a week...), since I have to prepare to head out for work travel tomorrow afternoon.

Do something creative today!