09 March 2011

Happy Hump Day!

Just a short post to let you know that one of my favorite food blogs, Simply Sugar and Gluten Free, has Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays every week (yes, I'm fully aware that it's Wednesday, but I didn't get to check out the blog posting until today).  Amy at Simply Sugar and Gluten Free encourages postings of slightly healthier versions of your favorite recipes.  Your recipe does not have to be sugar or gluten free, just healthier in some way.  This week, someone posted a recipe for gluten free Pop Tarts!!  Pop Tarts!!  I have to download that recipe because I can't even tell you the last time I had a Pop Tart!  I'll have to try it and let you all know if they're as good as the "real" Pop Tarts are in my memory :-)

Also,  I wanted to post the picture of my Double Flips by Lizzie Kate.  This is the first of the Double Flip series that she did - there are (I think) 6 more different sets of Double Flips.  I have one of her Christmas Double Flips (there are 2), and the Halloween set completed.  Since we're all begging for spring, I'll spare you the holiday themed ones until we approach their seasons.  I have all the supplies for the new Christmas Rules Double Flips, and I'll most likely be getting the Halloween Rules Double Flips as well.  I can't pass up on some of her designs...they're just too daggone cute!

I finished this Double Flip series on 27 count stitching band from Mill Hill.  I believe it's called neutral/neutral Pyramid stitching band, referring to the detailed finishing on the edges.  I thought it was a great alternative to framing, and it fits perfectly in a small wall space, such as between two doorframes, like where I have mine hanging. 

All of the words in this series are what we should all be doing each day, and in light of today being Ash Wednesday which marks the holy season of Lent, I thought it was appropriate to post something inspiring.

Do something creative every day. Believe in something bigger than yourself.  Have faith.

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Anonymous said...

One of my favorites at your place as it's a constant and never loses it's relevance. Yay for inspiration! I STILL have the Christmas doube flips to do...I cannot believe I haven't done it yet. Gotta buckle down.