13 September 2011

Just a friendly reminder

Hello everyone!  Just a friendly reminder that my newest posts will now be over at my new blog site -- awholelottalatte.typepad.com.

To add my new site to your blogger blog roll using this new interface:
1.  Click the "Add" button at the top of the list of all the blogs you follow in your blog roll.  This should be on the left of your screen.
2.  When you get the pop-up screen, type in my new blog address (www.awholelottalatte.typepad.com) where it says "add blog by URL" into the space provided.
3.  In the pull-down menu, either choose to follow me publicly or anonymously.
4.  Click ok.

You're done!  Now you'll get my new blog in your blog roll!

Thanks everyone!  Hope to see you over at my  new site!!!  I've posted some really cute stuff I've done recently, so I hope you'll hop on over and check everything out!

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