26 April 2011

What a week.

I moved into my new house last Sunday (holy crap I'm officially for real a homeowner now - it didn't seem quite so real until I moved in for good!), and it's been one insane day after another.  I STILL don't have cable or Internet access (I'm writing this on my lunch break at work) -- I plan on calling Comcast today to see about getting an appointment for that -- so I've been unable to do much of anything other than tidy up my house and....tidy up my house.  B O R I N G.  Haha.  I at least have a radio so I can listen to my Phils as I sit in the living room and stitch.

On Easter Sunday night, however, I decided to retreat to my craft room to relax after the day of festivities (Yes, all of you crafty people out there, I'm fortunate enough to have a designated craft area in my house!  It's the entire third floor!).  Even though it's been relatively cool still, as the weather warms up, so does the third floor.  The fact that heat rises is no joke.  It was pretty warm up there that night.

Anyhooter.  As I sat at my project table with my sweet sweet Ott Lite, I hear little paw pads climbing the stairs to the craft room.  Then, I hear a huge flop.  (It's amazing how quiet and agile my monster cat can be...and then how loud and ungraceful she is when she flops down on the floor...) 

She follows me all over the house, and when she realized I was sitting up high at my table, she decided to take a lil' snooze.  She's obviously exhausted from all the creeky floorboard dodging she's been doing.  Yep...she's figured out where all the creeky hardwood floorboards are, and can avoid every single one.  Animals are amazing.

I hope to get reconnected to the 21st century by the end of this week, but until then, I'm enjoying this gorgeous weather we're having by opening all the windows and blasting the Phils on the radio.

Ahhh....the sounds of summer :-)


Anonymous said...

What a cute picture of Snowy! Can't wait to experience the craft room and see it in all it's glory!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I am sure this will be a regular pop in for me, Can't wait to see more.
Be always in stitches.

Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

Hi Jacki, found you from Catherine's blog, nice gallery pics, sincere congrats on your new home! Looking forward to following you:)

Siobhan said...

Your cat is adorable! Welcome to blog land--I found you through Catherine's blog. Enjoy your new house!

Carol said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of stitching blogs, Jacki--found you through Catherine's nice introduction :)

Love your kitty--I am an all-black cat lover, too!

Stitching Noni said...

Hi there! Congratulations on your house move and being an offical real houseowner! Love your kitty cat.. can believe she is a real help around the house. They do love to help don't they?!

Found your blog via Catherine's. Your stitching is beautiful. Look forward to seeing more of your blog soon