11 April 2011

Oh, how I love my coffee.

I work in an office for 9 hours a day, which starts every morning with my cat wanting to be fed at 4am.  This is an inappropriate time for her to have breakfast, so I always throw her out of my room until a more appropriate time, like when I'm supposed to get up for work - 5:45am.

This morning, however, for some reason she decided that 2:30a was an appropriate time to start looking to be fed.  Ahhhh, NO.  Out she went.  I think a new rule for the new house is that she's not allowed in my room EVER, since she's seriously disrupting my sleep pattern.  Today, to add to her torture methods, she also seemed to have figured out a way to make my phone freak out at the time she wanted to get fed, so I almost threw my iPhone across the room because of her.  Oh, and somehow my clock got set back 2 hours as a result of this nonsense.  Not cool.

Thankfully, in my office desk drawer, I have this waiting for me when I get to work --

Pleasant Morning Buzz (nevermind my messy desk).  Isn't that what we all expect from our freshly brewed coffee?!  This is a great blend from Whole Foods.  I've already gone through the entire pound, so it looks like I'll have to take another trip to Whole Foods in the near future.  Darn the bad luck ;-)

Happy Monday!  Get outside and do something today if you're in the Philly area -- it's supposed to hit record highs of temps in the low 80's!!!!

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