14 April 2011

Live Simply.

This is one of my favorite patterns, not just because of the colors, but because they're words to live by.  I recently read an article that, in general terms, stated that the mindset of the country is that we all have to have it bigger, better, faster.  The idea of instant gratification in this world filled with overwhelming amounts of information thrown at us and available to us at our fingertips (literally, thanks to smartphones) makes most people forget to slow down and enjoy the world around them. 

I often joke with my friends that I was born in the wrong era.  The idea of simpler times is so appealing to me, that I often wish I didn't have a smartphone, or a computer, or even a tv.  Shocking statements, but it's true.  I prefer the radio to tv, although I love old movies and will often watch a musical or an old black and white to take me away from the hustle and bustle of our lives in this day and age.  The elegance and graciousness of the women in old movies (Grace Kelly, just to name one) and gentlemen (Cary Grant is one of my favorites) make me long for a time when people respected and cared for one another.

I'm trying to shed all unwanted negativity in my life as I move onward and upward.

Pattern from Lizzie Kate

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Anonymous said...

I wish it were still possible to truly live simply, in the way you described, and still have a modern day job. What would we do without computers, cells, etc? I'm not sure I could give up my ipod, Jacki...but I know where you are going. I love that pattern too and love that it's an easy one to finish-how ironic would it have been if it was super intricate? Have a good day!