06 April 2011

Just Real Quick...

My computer is NOT being user friendly right now, so I've about had it with sitting in front of this monitor at the moment.  BUT, I wanted to put up a very quick post to let my readers know that I added a "Stitching Gallery" page.  This page has a bunch of my finished work - some recent, some not - and will be updated regularly as I finish my pieces.  Check back often to see the new stuff that's been added!


Anonymous said...

Love the gallery and am glad that your computer allowed you to work on it a bit. I laughed at each of those pictures because of the stories behind them! hehe "she's behind the tv Julie...I wasn't kidding. I don't want to see her." hehehehe. Great job!

Jacki said...


It's so true! I always seem to have a crazy story for each of my projects!! Haha!!

"Jacki! I want to see your Christmas queen!"
"Julie. I told you. She's in time out behind the tv."
"Jacki, it's an inanimate object. How could a stitching project need to be in time out?!"
"I'm not discussing it. If you have to see her, she's behind the tv."