19 February 2011

The North Wind Doth Blow...

...and we shall have snow...

Well, the first part is definitely true.  The wind has been absolutely howling out there tonight!!  We had another gorgeous, unseasonably warm day, and, as expected, it didn't last.  I certainly hope the second part of that old saying doesn't come true...but rumor has it we're in for some snow on Tuesday.  Of course, our wonderful weather people here in Philly are not committing to any type of accumulation amount (which usually means we're going to be snowed in for a few days...), so the best I can do is hope we get next to nothing.  I've had it with the white stuff. 

Because of all this crazy wind, I've been staying warm inside, finishing up my Cricket Collection "Winter".  I've been feverishly working on a few baby gifts, but really had to finish this project for myself before the next and final installment of the Cricket seasons comes through my door - "Spring".  "Autumn" and "Summer" are patiently waiting for me to frame them both, so here's hoping I can do all the finishing work for them before their seasons start!

Ok, so...here's "Winter" from above...(nevermind my ugly ironing board)

Cool, huh?!  The fabric I chose is 32 count Crystal Zephyr from Picture This Plus.  It's kinda tough to tell from the picture, but it's an awesome opalescent.  Gives you the feeling of a cold, frosty night after a snowfall.  The pattern calls for a Krienik blending filament for all the snowflakes and that plump snowman right in the center.  I used the filament for one snowflake, and promptly took it right out.  It virtually disappears on this crystal fabric.  So, I ran and got my skein of DMC B5200, and the bright white pops off the fabric.  Much better.

I just love the smoke coming out of the "W" :-)

And I love that fat snowman!

And the winter birds at the feeder and the seed ball are just too darn cute!

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kathy said...

Beautiful. Love all the cardnals!