18 February 2011

Think Spring

Ok...this is my first attempt at this blogging thing...so here we go!

It was a spectacular day here in the Philadelphia area!  We got a little taste of spring, as we sometimes do, here in February.  After all that wretched (and I do mean wretched) snow we had this winter (as I cross my fingers and hope that it's almost gone for good!), it was so wonderful to have that glimmer of hope that spring may actually be right around the corner! 

Therefore, I thought it only appropriate that in my first ever blog post, I include a picture of my finished and framed Lizzie Kate's "Think Spring" to remind us all that warmer, brighter days are just around the corner! :-)

I completed "Think Spring" on 28 ct overdyed green linen (for the life of me, though, I can't remember the color name for the fabric.  If I do remember, I'll post it at a later date...)

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